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Sari Lindblom
Sari Lindblom

Introducing the Interior Designer

At Decorasí the Interior Designer is Sari Lindblom. Functionality without compromising the aesthetics is the core of my designs.

I have worked years in marketing and been lucky to be part of designing multiple events and exhibitions.   

It's been absolutely great to take all my knowhow to designing homes and public spaces! Interior design and beautiful decorative items have always been near to my heart.  

I'm part of Sissarit ry association.

How this works

You are all the time aware what is happening. You can rest, there will be no surprises!

Interior design is a result of successful interaction between the designer and the client. As a designer I always aim to understand your values and style, even when you are not neccessarily aware of them. 

The final plan includes 3D images of the designed space and room cards, that report what you need in order to execute the design. 

If you want, I can do the quotation rounds and see the whole plan through from start to finish. For this I will make separate agreement with you. 

Feedback will help me develop my service and even the shortest of feedback is always welcome.