Law of personal data (523/1999) 10 § ja 24 §
Date 21.02.2019, Updated 20.2.2020

1 Party maintaining the register

Decorasí Oy (y-tunnus: 2932540-7)
Landbontie 92, 00890 Helsinki, Puh. 040 5311 551

2 Contact person for all matters concerning the registry 
Sari Lindblom
Landbontie 92, 00890 Helsinki,, 040 5311 551

3 Name of the register

Decorasí asiakas- ja markkinointirekisteri

4 Purpose of handling data
Decorasí collects data, that is necessary to keep up the customer relationship, including invoicing and online shop (electric order and delivery and needed data transmission based on law). In addition, data is handled to develop service, operation and to develop the web environment and to analyse the information. Data collected can be used in profiling to improve services provided by Decorasí Oy as well as for right-time-communication. User accepts that the company can send marketing materials via e-mail.

All collected customer data will be handled safely and ethically. Only needed customer data will be used to complete the task at hand. 

Third parties handling the customer data are sub contractors for Decorasí Oy. These sub contractors are mandatory in order to fulfill the electrical order process on the online shop. 

Third parties are:

  • Webnode AG (online shop system);
  • Freight company;
  • Google Analytics (web page analytics);

5 Register content

Private customer data: Name, address, phone number, e-mail.

Company data: Company name, Y-tunnus, delivery address, invoicing address, payment term, contact person's name, phone number and e-mail.

Other customer data: discounts, offers, delivered products/jobs, invoicing and debt collection data (selected payment term, payment method), reclamations and other feedback, guarantees, contacts and other commercial data. Online shop user data and browse history and the computer indentifier data, product recommendations and other data regarding the visited pages in

Identifier-, contact- and payment data is mandatory when shopping at Decorasí Online Shop via the Internet. 

6 Source of data
The content of the register is collected in different stages of customer relationship. The information is provided by the customer, on his/her own consent, via www-forms or other similar ways during online shopping or via other private and/or digital interaction between Decorasí and the customer.

7 Admiting the data

Data is admitted to third party only as described in section 4.

8 Admiting data outside EU or ETA 

No data is admitted outside EU or ETA.

9 Principles protecting the register

A Manual material

If the register has any manual data or if it is being printed, the data will be kept behind locks. Unneeded manual material will be destroyed in information secure manner following the rules and regulations. 

B Electrical based material

Data will be collected in files that are secured behind fire walls, passwords and other technical means. Database and their backups are located safely in locked environment and the data is only accessible for person in charge of the data. 

All files are located physically in Finland.

10 Right to check 

According to HetiL 29§:n the registered party has the right to check the data that is collected in the register. If wanting to do so, the request must be given in writing for the person stated in section 2. 

11 Right to correct the information/data

According to HetiL 30§:n the registered party has the right to correct the information that is saved in the register. If wanting to do so, the request must be given in writing for the person stated in section 2. 

12 Right to forbid

The party registered has the right to forbid the admittance of the data for marketing purposes.

13 Deleting the data

Party registered has the right to ask all the data collected to be deleted ("right to be forgotten"). All personal data is viewed regularly and data that is no longer valid, will be deleted when there's no legal reason to save them anymore. 

14 Cookies 
This web page uses cookies. With the help of cookies it is possible to recognise your browser and use that information for example to analyze the web page with Google Analytics-programme. At the same tame we can use the data to recognise the web page visitors' browsing information to improve our web page. Collected data is anonymous and no actions can be linked to any single user. 

If wanted every user can change the cookie policy in your own browser. You can forbid the use of cookies by changing your browser settings. 

Final provisions

1. By placing an electronic order on the website Customer confirms to be informed about all the conditions of personal data protection and accepts them to the full extent;

2. Customer accepts these rules by ticking the checkbox in the order purchase form;

3. Controller can update these Rules at any time. New, updated version has to be published on his website.

These Rules come into effect on 21.2.2019